My name is Patrice, skipper and owner of Aquamarelle.I'm born in Marseilles and sail since I'm 4 y.o.

I was a physical therapist in Paris for 12 years, then moved to California where I became a self-taught marine watercolor artist and worked for Maritime Museums.

I Sailed back from San Francisco to Le Havre onboard "Grisette", English pilot cutter from 1903, bought in 1995 in Sausalito to bring her back in her natural waters.


 I'm currently sailing the Med In Sardinia onboard "Aquamarelle".

Hanse 400

12,10M x 4,10mx 2M


 From Olbia harbor or Golfo Aranci harbor  we are offering sailing discovery cruises of the Sardinian coast.

Beautiful moorings.

Revel in the sun, swim off the beaches to discover Sardinian Islands and aquatic flora and fauna.

From Sunset to sun down

We will take care of 2 guests or a family of 4.

We do sailing, swimming, resting, eating, enjoying life...

For regulation reasons minor under 10 are not allowed on board.